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Pointing and Stone Sealer Supplies

Stone Pointing and Flagstone Sealer Products

Pointing and stone sealer materials and tools from Valley Stone Products – a carefully chosen range of compounds and tools that compliment our stone products perfectly.

damaged stone due to cement mortar instead of lime mortar pointing

Warning – cement mortar will damage your stonework

It is very important to use lime mortar pointing when installing or repointing stone. Cement mortar is very hard and seals the stonework or bricks, causing damage over time that cannot be undone. When pointing or repointing stone, a lime mortar should be used as it is softer than the stone it is surrounding. A hard cement mortar is impenetrable by water or air, so vapour and moisture escapes through the stone itself, the stone retains the water and starts to crumble. A lime based mortar is a more suitable compound, having the ideal water and vapour permeability and the correct capillarity water rate which will protect the surrounding stone from water and air damage.

Pointing must also be elastic and strong to cope with both the load it needs to bear and changes in temperature that cause stone and brick to shrink and expand. Despite years of winters and summers that take their toll the mortar must retain it’s bond with the surrounding aggregate and continue to support it. We believe our lime mortar pointing compound to be the perfect complimentary material for our stone products.

Using a Stone Sealer to protect your floor

Blacklimestone floor with stone sealer protectionA good quality stone sealer will give your stone floor or walls essential protection against the elements and prolong it’s life.

Repelling liquids by sealing the substrate prevents water ingress from damaging the stone or mortar over time. This is particularly important during winter when moisture that has penetrated the stone or pointing freezes and expands, forcing fissures and crack to appear and separating the stone from the mortar. Not only that, but sandstone and limestone are naturally permeable rocks that allow moisture to penetrate them. A stone floor or wall can last many generations if it is built correctly, and sealers can add an extra layer of protection.

If you are not sure which flagstone sealer you require please don’t hesitate to contact one of our advisors.

Floor Pointing materials and tools to buy online

Our online store has a complete selection of well chosen materials and tools to provide you with everything you need to complete your project, so don’t forget to add stone sealer and pointing products to your order.


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