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Paving Slabs and Stone Sets

Stone paving makes beautiful driveways, patios and flooring

Paving slabs made from natural stone are the perfect solution for creating beautiful and long lasting paths, patios and driveways.

We have an extensive range of patio slabs and stone sets including Indian stone paving that will help any builder, designer or home DIY enthusiast create fantastic landscapes that will look great for years to come.

Stone Sets

Stone sets in an attractive fan pattern

Setts are smaller, rectangular paving blocks. They are often inaccurately referred to as cobblestones, however a Sett is a regular shaped stone block whereas a cobblestone is a more natural, irregular shape.

Stone sets are widely used to create a highly decorative, premium stone paving effect that looks both traditional and classical. Often associated with times gone by they lend an air of affluence and quality to any landscape architecture. They are particularly effective when used on driveways and long paths or larger areas.

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Driveways and Garden Slabs

Natural stone makes particularly attractive patios, driveways and pathways. The effect of a natural stone surface in a garden or urban area is warm and inviting. and the traditional look compliments natural surroundings and lends a country air to any home. Our natural stone supplies come in either mixed sized to create a more random, organic looking surface, or in single size packs to suit your needs.

Indian Stone Paving

Indian Stone Paving on a drivewayOur slabs come in many colours and styles including the very popular Indian stone paving. These beautiful hand cut stone slabs are available in a variety of colours from cool greys and blacks to warm browns and golds. They are suitable for both interior and exterior flooring  and can be used to enhance the look of both traditional and contemporary properties.

Natural Stone makes Cheap Paving Slabs

For anyone looking for cheap paving slabs then the investment in stone paving is well worth a look. Although there are cheaper products available, by using natural stone you are not only creating a wonderful look for a home, but the longevity and value that they add to your property far outweighs the savings made in using cheap concrete pavers.

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